Welcome to the Worlds of Wicked Geisha…

Wicked Geisha ~ Ritual Theatre:
Dancing, Kabuki, Music, Energy, Elements, Exotic & Unusual Dreamscapes & Environments. Ancient and Futuristic fused together to create a Portal for Traveling to Other Dimensions.

* Artistry, Music, Dance, Expression *
The Artistry of the Wicked Geisha is Unusual, always a Suprise & Curiosity. We Dance in unexpected Forms & cause Dreamscapes, make Music with unusual Instruments & our own Beings; Vocalize, Play Drums, Gongs, other Bizarre & Beautiful Sounds. We Move, Utilize & Become the Elements, representing both Chaos & Order, depending upon our Focus. We are fond of Exotic Props & Traditional Ones, to tell Stories & Cause Magick; via our Energetic & Potent Portals. These are just examples, for the Universe is our Infinite Playground & we are free to use many types of Inspiration; Ancient Rituals or Ceremonies, old Stories Reinvented, Original & Exquisite Environments & Fantasies.

* Costumes *
Costumes for Wicked Geisha are always Original. They may be Conservative or near Traditional; as Animae or Fantasy; Heavy Fetish; or as the Spirits of the Dead – all washed out & Butoh Like.

* Props *
Created from our own Dreamy Resources, so that we may take you on a Journey through various Dimensions of the Subconscious. An Asian Fantasy World; Animated or Otherwise, Tranquil or Chaotic, Unified or Exploding…


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